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The IMPREG Group develops and produces CIPP liner systems using a high-tech process, for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation. As a global company, we currently have three regions with a total of four manufacture locations and three warehouses, all supplying hightech CIPP liners.

Our Vision

To be the best in whatever we do.

What We Do

Local footprint: Create a global company with a local sales, customer support and operational footprint. 

Highest customer rating: Be our customers first choice, by being efficient in everything we create and in everything we deliver.

Innovative: Provide conditions for continuous product development and customer support technologies and competencies.

Develop organization: Inspire organizational development and empowerment of employees across all regions and functions.

Safety & Quality: Ensure a safe and quality conscientious work place, with professional business acumen, shared values and shared systems and processes. 

Our Products

IMPREG CIPP liners are future-oriented high-tech products which provide all options for the rapid, effective, and economical rehabilitation of pipes of very differing diameters. With our liners, we at IMPREG set new standards. We supply the largest liners in the industry and currently supply up to DN2.000.


IMPREG Global Management

Karsten Müller CEO IMPREG Group 2022

Karsten Müller

Group CEO

Nicolai K Westh Group CFO

Nicolai K. Westh

Group CFO

Guido Wey General Manager bei IMPREG GmbH

Guido Wey

General Manager EMEA

Samuel Wu General Manager IMPREG Suzhou APAC

Samuel Wu

General Manager APAC

Søren F Knudsen Chairman and Group CEO

Jennifer Sherman

General Manager AME

IMPREG Group By The Numbers

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Story & Milestones

Hightech CIPP lining solutions for no-dig trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation

IMPREG was founded 1999 and has since been focused on developing and supplying glass-fiber reinforced liners for the growing infrastructure rehabilitation industry. With a strong initial focus on the core European market, and with manufacturing in Germany, IMPREG grew its market share and installed base in this market. The European market was the primary market for this new technology and our manufacturing capacity has continuously been expanded and developed for continued larger and larger liners.

New IMPREG Group CIPP manufacterer location in China 2017

IMPREG also started manufacturing in China in 2017 to acciomodate the market needs in the APAC region. IMPREG started manufacturing in the US in 2019 to accommodate the increased needs in the Americas region. Additionally IMPREG has recently established warehouses in California and in the UK to provide standard liners with short lead times. IMPREG is owned by FSN Capital, a Northern European investment firm, committed to continue the growth of IMPREG world wide and with strong focus on ESG.

ESG – Environment, Social, Governance

IMPREG has formed an ESG strategy to ensure we drive the agenda of sustainability in the way we manufacture our products, the way our products are installed, the way we conduct business with our customers and partners, and the way we govern our company. We believe by doing so, we will create a better industry and a better company for all stakeholders and for the society.


Contact Us

Production Site IMPREG LLC - CIPP Liner manufacterer Americas


Production Site USA
8000 Whitepine Road
Richmond, VA 23237

Office: +1-804-303-4507
Fax: +1-1-804-303-4540


IMPREG Group Headquarters and Production Site - CIPP Liner Solutions EMEA


Production Site Germany

Eisenbahnstraße 32
72119 Ammerbuch

Telefon: +49 7073 30031-0
Fax: +49 7073 30031-19


IMPREG Production site China - CIPP lining solutions APAC


Production Site Asia

IMPREG Suzhou Co., Ltd.
Building-No.1, No.198 Beijing Road (E)
T. E. Development Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu

Telefon: +86 512 33060131
Fax: +49 7073 30031-19